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Return & Cancellation Policy

Please note that all refunds are subject to the approval of a site administrator. We reserve the right to change or modify this policy at any time.

Refund Types

Individual Downloads

An individual download may be eligible for a refund if it meets any of the following criteria:

  • Duplicate Download: If an identical image/size is accidentally downloaded multiple times.
  • Failed Download: If there is a technical problem preventing the successful download of the image. This may include a corrupt file, unexpected removal of image, or site technical difficulties. Please note that support must be contacted and provided up to 1hr to resolve the issue, before a refund request can be processed. Refunds can not be issued for end-use technical problems, including browser or connectivity issues.
  • Poor Quality: If there is a flaw in the file which does not meet Can Stock Photo’s professional quality standard, as confirmed by a site administrator.

We can not refund files which:

  • Have been downloaded, but are no longer wanted by the user.
  • A user is unable to open, due to not having compatible/required software. We are only able to officially support Adobe, Corel, and Quicktime suite of products, which have been released within the last 8 years.

Refund Method

  • We will return your money via the original purchase method. If you purchased with PayPal, we will refund the full amount to your PayPal account. In the case of a credit card purchase, we will return the full amount to your credit card.

Please note that refunds may take several days to process, depending on the nature of the purchase. Credit card refunds may take up to a full week to be accurately reflected on your card.

To request a refund, please contact support