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Welcome to Ayisee Stock, a platform that empowers creatives to share their work with the world. We believe in creating opportunities for artists and diversifying representation in the media industry.


Empower our customers with high-quality images and videos that represent diversity and inclusion.


Upload your work to our platform and get valuable feedback and support from our team of experts.

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Make money every time your content is downloaded by our customers who value our mission.

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  • Professional Photographers
  • Beginners & Amateur Photographers
  • Videographers
  • Designers
  • Illustrators
  • Other Digital Artists

Benefits of becoming a contributor


Earn between 35% - 50% commissions on every sale


Showcase your work to a global audience


Receive valuable feedback and guidance from our experienced team

Be a part

Be a part of a community that celebrates diversity and creativity

Together, we can help shape a more inclusive and representative media landscape.

Frequently asked questions

You'll be paid via your chosen payment method - either PayPal, Bank Transfer, Stripe or Moncash (for Haiti ONLY)
* Note: Please be registered with your chosen payment provider and tell us your payment email address.
You may withdraw your payout once the balance in your account reaches $30 or more.

You are free to upload content to other platforms too. As per our Contributor's Agreement, all content made available on Ayisee Stock is sold on a non-exclusive basis

No, the price for images is standard and is set by Ayisee Stock exclusively

Of course you will always be the copyright owner of your own creations. The Client is ONLY purchasing the rights to use what you've created