License and Use

Commercial Use:

When browsing stock photos on a platform like Ayisee Stock, it's crucial to identify images suitable for commercial use. These photos can be incorporated into various commercial scenarios, such as products, services, ad campaigns, and more. If a photo is not explicitly marked with an "editorial" label, it is likely intended for commercial use. This designation allows you to utilize the image for merchandise, advertisements, product packaging, and other profit-driven activities.

Editorial Use:

On Ayisee Stock, you will come across editorial stock photography, which is specifically intended for non-commercial use. These images are marked as "Editorial Use Only" and are suitable for news or informational purposes. They often feature celebrities, public figures, or products and cannot be licensed for commercial use. However, as a journalist working on news articles, upcoming film coverage, or non-fiction books and documentaries, you have the right to use editorial stock photos that complement your written content. Please note that for commercial purposes, it is essential to select photos without the "editorial" label.