Content Guidelines for Ayisee Stock

At Ayisee Stock, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with authentic and relatable images of everyday people. We're looking for photographers and videographers who can capture those unique, candid moments that truly bring a story to life.

We encourage you to showcase interesting faces, expressions, and locations that are nearby or easily accessible to you. Inclusivity is also important to us, so we welcome a wide range of features like freckles, piercings, tattoos, body shapes and sizes, disabilities, hair styles, and skin tones.

To ensure that your content meets our technical, creative, and quality standards, we review every file that you contribute. Following our guidelines will increase your chances of being accepted without changes or rejection.

File Requirements:

Photo Requirements:

  • Only JPG files Over 3.5MB, up to 50MB
  • Photos must be between 2400px and 8000px on any of the sides.
  • Color: sRGB, Adobe RGB, Prophoto RGB or P3

Vector Image Requirements:

  • EPS and a JPG preview file (with the same name) between 0.5MB and 80MB
  • Preview files must be between 2400px and 8000px on any of the sides.
  • RGB color

Video Requirements:

  • We accept the following video formats: MOV, MP4;
  • The frames-per-second (FPS) should correspond to the video format (NTSC standard of 29.97 FPS or the PAL standard of 25 FPS). We accept 23.976, 24, 25, 29.97, 30, 50, 59.93 or 60 FPS+
  • Minimum resolution is 0.07 MP (1920 x 1080 pixels). Maximum resolution is not limited;
  • Minimum video length is 3 seconds. Maximum video length is 60 seconds;
  • The compression level should correspond to the best possible image quality;
  • Sound can be accepted if it is part of the scene (ambient sounds, voices). Video must NOT contain any audio track not owned by the video contributor;
  • Maximum file size for video is 4096 MB.

Aesthetic Guidelines for Ayisee Stock

  1. Diverse Representation: Images must prominently feature person(s) of color from Black, Asian, Native/Indigenous racial groups, and Hispanic/Latinx, Middle Eastern cultural groups. These groups are traditionally underrepresented in stock photography, and we aim to address this imbalance.

  2. No Branding: Images should not contain any logos, branding, company names, or product/brand names. We want our content to be neutral and not affiliated with any specific brand.

  3. Minimal Editing: Images should not have excessive editing or retouching. We encourage natural, candid moments that reflect everyday life.

  4. No Watermarks: Images should not have watermarks, as they can detract from the aesthetic quality of the photo.

Legal Requirements for Ayisee Stock

  1. Model Releases: If you are submitting content that features individuals, whether they are professional models, friends, family members, or strangers on the street, you must obtain a model release. This is a legal document that gives you permission to use their image for commercial purposes.

  2. Property Releases: In addition to model releases, you must also obtain a property release if you are featuring someone's property in your content. This could include private homes, businesses, or landmarks. You need written permission from the property owner to use the image for commercial purposes.

  3. Trademarks and Trade Dress: It is essential that your content does not feature any trademarks or trade dress, such as logos, slogans, or objects that are trademarked. If your content includes trademarked material, it cannot be accepted by Ayisee Stock. Please edit out any such content before submitting your work.