How reviews work

Learn about the criteria we use when reviewing your submissions to Ayisee Stock. 

A trained moderation team reviews each photo, video, illustration, and vector file to see if it’s right for our collection. The team follows strict but fair quality assurance guidelines, and they provide rejection reasons as a courtesy. As noted in your Contributor Agreement, Ayisee Stock may reject or accept content at our discretion.

Review criteria and timelines

The team evaluates content based on several criteria, including: 

  • Legal standards
  • Technical qualities
  • Title and keyword accuracy 
  • Commercial value
  • Aesthetic properties
  • Uniqueness, both in relation to other content you’ve submitted and content already in our collection

The following images would be rejected for the reasons noted below:


tilted horizon


lack of commercial value


image is over-saturated

We review files in the order we receive them. Wait times vary, but you usually get a response within one week. 

What should you do if your content is rejected?

While we accept many files, even the most experienced stock contributors have some files rejected. Don't take it personally and, whenever possible, use rejection as an opportunity to learn more about your content and assess what works best. 

If you receive a rejection, look at your file and decide whether it’s worth adjusting. You can resubmit a rejected file with a modified filename after you make corrections.