Subscription Agreement

This document defines the rights and responsibilities of users ("Subscribers") subscribing to one of the regular subscription plans ("Plans") provided by Ayiseestock LLC ("Ayiseestock"). By accepting this Agreement, you confirm your consent and agreement to its terms and conditions.

1. Regular Subscription Plan Information and Definition

A Plan is a prepayment method for downloading files on Ayiseestock. Subscribers with valid accounts can download specified quantities of photos, vectors, and footage ("Content") per day, as long as their Plan remains active. Unused daily download allowances do not carry over to the next day, nor do they accumulate or qualify for reimbursement unless you purchase a Flexible Plan. Flexible Plan unused downloads transfer month to month as long as auto-renewal is enabled.

There are no size limitations on Content downloaded through Plans. The daily limit only specifies the number of files you can download, not their size or type.

Plans are automatically renewed and charged to your account before the end of the renewal term, unless you explicitly cancel or disable auto-renewal.

Regardless of your location, the day you activate your Plan is the first day, and each Plan day resets every 24 hours.

The number of Content downloads available depends on the chosen Plan. A Plan day is 24 consecutive hours starting from the purchase time. A Plan month is 30 consecutive days starting with the purchase date. A Plan year is 360 consecutive days starting with the purchase date.

Discounts apply to your first single purchase only and do not apply to auto-renewal. Promo codes are valid for one-time use and cannot be combined with other offers.

2. Technical Requirements

To subscribe, choose a Plan on the Ayiseestock website ("Website") through the "Buyer Menu" -> "Subscription" page and complete the payment process. By purchasing a Plan, you acknowledge familiarity with this Agreement and agree to its terms and limitations.

3. Subscription Renewal

By accepting this Agreement, you agree that your Plan will automatically renew on the same terms or another valid Plan at the time of renewal. Your Flexible Plan will renew automatically under the same plan. If you decline automatic Flexible Plan renewal, your Plan and unused downloads (including additional downloads) will terminate without transfer.

Payments for renewing Plans will be automatically deducted from your account.

To cancel automatic Plan renewal, log into the Website before the renewal date, go to "Subscription" -> "Cancel my subscription" 

Important: Ayiseestock does not send renewal reminders. By accepting this Agreement, you understand and intend to comply with this condition. Declining automatic renewal terminates your Plan at the end of the renewal term.

4. Using Regular Subscription Files

Plans enable you to download photos, vectors, and footage of any available size. You agree to use and store downloaded Content according to the Ayiseestock Standard License Agreement ("License"). In case of any conflict between this Agreement and the License, the License prevails.

You can physically move downloaded files but can only make copies for backup or archival purposes. Downloaded Content can be used for advertising and other permitted purposes under the License.

Permitted Usage:

  • Personal use prints, posters, and other reproductions.
  • Advertising and promotional applications, including printed files, product packaging, presentations, film and video presentations, commercials, catalogues, brochures, promotional greeting cards, and promotional postcards (excluding resale, license, or other distribution).
  • Print media applications, such as books and covers, magazines, newspapers, editorials, newsletters, video broadcasts, and theatrical displays.
  • Other uses approved by Ayiseestock in writing.

Prohibited Usage:

  • Using files or their elements within designs intended for sale (e.g., templates for applications, websites, postcards, business cards), regardless of distribution or sale methods (including online).
  • Using files or their parts on products for sale (e.g., t-shirts, cups, posters) or in places designed for such product sale or promotion.
  • Using files or their elements as part of a trademark, trade sign, company name, logo, or product trade name (in full or part).
  • Using files to create posters or other printed products for sale, resale, license, or other distribution for profit.
  • Using files in product manufacturing if it results in repeated or multiple use and distribution of the file (e.g., web templates) or grants access to third parties for their use or reproduction.
  • Using files for purposes considered indecent, offensive, criminal, immoral, libelous, etc., or negatively impacting the property or persons depicted in the file.
  • Using, displaying, or placing files that:
    • Imply endorsement or recommended use of specific products or services.
    • Show a person/model in a potentially or actually abusive,